TDS Logistics

The company TDS Logistics is a dynamic transport company that focuses on providing a complete transport service with destinations in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. The transport is located in general pallets, partloads, steel coils, ADR goods, Big-bags, etc. TDS Logistics is located on the Albertkade 2 A Tessenderlo, Ravenshout industrial zone 4.3. The site is located 2 km from exit 25a on the E313 Liege-Antwerp, 3 km from exit 25 and 10 km of the roadcross in Lummen.

TDS Warehousing

TDS Warehousing has an industrial site of 60.000 m² with a warehouse of 6.000 m². This warehouse is 18 m high and is equipped with three cranes of 30 tons. The warehouse is equipped with heating. Our fields are fenced all the way and the entrance is  with electronic registration . TDS Warehousing has a private railroad and is located at a branch of the Albert Canal which allows us to offer combined transport by rail and inland waterways. All this allows us to offer our customers the complete package:

• Storage (all types of goods and even cargo or colli of 30 tons)
• Picking orders
• Distribution transport
• National and International Transport
• Combined transport by rail and inland waterways



    Albertkade 2A I 3980 TESSENDERLO I België I